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HSTM Workshops

After The Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine received a small grant from The Welcome Trust I began working with staff and volunteers to develop games and workshops to be used during outreach activities and that explain the developments in medical techniques, attitudes and theories during the 18th and 19th Centuries. To this end academic specialists from HSTM, and myself, have developed as diagnosis game when participants have to use diseased prosthetics skin samples, enlarged glass slides, patient notes and a abbreviated medical textbook to solve century old medical mysteries.

Below are pictures of the prosthetics skin samples from the game. They were made after extensive first hand observational drawing of dead diseased skin sample at Leeds University Pathology Lab. Their colouring and texture has been achieved by constructing layers of silicones (a technique akin to oil painting) that adds texture, depth and realism to the skin, pustules, lesions and tumours. The result is touchable, safe skin samples that both fascinates and disgusts participants and audiences.

We are currently developing an interactive replica of a Victorian amputation kit and accompanying mangled prosthetic body parts that will react when operated upon and this shall be unveiled later this year.

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